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Watchable Wildlife in Florida

Florida wildlife viewing - want to know where the best places are in Florida to see wildlife and animals at their most spectacular?  Florida Wildlife Viewing can help you.

Florida Wildlife Viewing highlights not only where to go but when to go, which is just as important to spot the animals you want to see..

Wood Stork Florida Everglades Park

The wood stork is a barometer of Everglades' health

Welcome to Florida Wildlife Viewing!

Monthly Hotspots Top places to enjoy Florida wildlife and nature viewing this month.

Tips for Approaching Animals in The Wild
Once you locate them, here's how to view or take photographs without scaring them away.

Florida Wildlife Facts and information about the birds, mammals and reptiles that make Florida one-of-a-kind for wildlife and nature viewing.

Everglades Photo Guide Where and to see Everglades wildlife whether in or outside of the national park.

Where to Watch Nesting Sea Turtles Florida's greatest summer night-time show

Where to See Manatees Florida's strangest and most popular mammal

Everglades Photography Tips Where to go, the equipment needed and how to use it.

And so much more! Take a look! Florida Wildlife & Animals is just one place to start