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Florida Everglades


Background Info About Them All

In the Air

Bald Eagle After Alaska, Florida has the most nesting pairs of bald eagles. Where to see nesting bald eagles.

Brown Pelican For anyone who spends much time along either coast, these deserve to be the state bird. Where to see nesting brown pelicans.

Monarch Butterfly Most abundant during the fall migration. Where to see migrating monarchs.

Osprey Sometimes mistaken for bald eagles, ospreys have distinctive markings that tell the two fish hawks apart. Where to see nesting ospreys.

Peregrine Falcon Probably the favorite bird during fall hawk migrations. Where to see migrating hawks.

Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Because of their specialized habitat, red-cockaded woodpeckers have become an endangered species. Where to see red-cockaded woodpeckers.

Roseate Spoonbill Seen from a distance, many people mistake these pink birds for flamingoes. Where to see roseate spoonbills.

Florida Scrub Jay are among Florida's friendliest birds. Where to see scrub jays

On the Ground

Florida Panther Florida's most endangered animal and one of the world's rarest. Where to see a Florida panther.

Key Deer The smallest deer in North America is found mostly on Big Pine Key. Where to see Key deer.

Florida Trees Trees unique to both Florida and the Caribbean.

In the Ocean and Freshwater Springs

Florida Manatee Why manatees are considered close cousins to elephants, about their scars, life cycle and more. Where to see manatees.

In the Ocean and on the Beaches

Sea Turtles Only the adult females ever come ashore. Where to see nesting sea turtles.