Travel Insurance for Visitors to Florida - For Theme Parks or Wildlife Viewing

Travel Insurance

For when someone gets sick or a hurricane disrupts travel





Florida Everglades


Why Buy Travel Insurance

The following site offers instant quotes for more than 60 different plans from 14 different companies.  It also includes European insurers for those coming to Florida from overseas: Squaremouth. It's a strange name but The New York Times says Squaremouth offers "the most comprehensive list" of insurance products to choose from. It finds policies others don't.

What Can Go Wrong? Too much. No matter how well you plan, lots of things can go wrong on any trip. Most travel insurance policies cover the following:

Trip cancellation and interruption. If an emergency occurs before or during your trip, this will pay for losses from non-refundable airline tickets, hotel and other deposits. For instance, the hurricanes of 2004 caused incredible travel disruption.

Lost or damaged baggage. Airlines have only limited liability, usually around $500 per suit case. Travel insurance will cover the true value of your missing bags and their contents. Further, insurance usually pays for "essential items" you need while waiting for that delayed luggage to show up.

Trip delays. If you miss a flight, become ill or injured, insurance pays your extra hotel and travel expenses. Hurricanes have made it difficult for flights either to fly in or out of Florida.

Medical expenses. Your current medical coverage may cover you out of your home state--or may not. And what if you end up in a hospital or being treated by a doctor not affiliated with your HMO or PPO? Travel insurance will make the payment. You avoid having to pay and then seeking reimbursement from your insurer back home.

Emergency medical transportation. If you break a leg in some remote part of Florida and have to be airlifted to the nearest emergency room, travel insurance company will pay the cost. Depending on your situation and condition, it may also pay for your flight home.

Hopefully, you'll never have the need for travel insurance. But if you do, it could be one of the best investments you've ever made.

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