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Bayshore Loop Trail

The trailhead The 1.3-mile Bayshore Loop Trail makes up the first segment of the Coastal Prairie Trail, which is a 7-mile linear trail (14 miles roundtrip). The path begins in the Flamingo Campground at the back of Loop C.

The path is often one of matted vegetation leading to the shores of Florida Bay.

Much of your waterside walk will be in the vicinity of mangroves so come prepared, repellant-wise.

Look for wading birds up close, hopefully even roseate spoonbills.

Don’t expect much in the way of fishing village ruins. The wooden buildings are long gone, though you may be able to find a cistern in the underbrush.

Eventually, you’ll begin to loop back inland and move onto an open coastal prairie.

When you return to the main Coastal Prairie Trail, go right to return to the parking lot.

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