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Everglades Photography -
How To Approach Your Subjects

Finding the right location is just the first step in capturing memorable wildlife photos.

You’ll need patience, dedication and practice to capture more than routine images. I’ve spent as long as a week photographing primarily the Anhigna Trail during low water periods.

My routine is to arrive shortly before sunrise, take a mid-day siesta, and then return to stalk the same critters once more in late afternoon.  

Doing this helped me discover the natural time pattern that predicts which animals will be where at what time of day. The Anhinga Trail residents have an amazing internal clockwork.

You can almost set a watch by the cormorants that start fishing in earnest between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. (EST). 

Although some Everglades’ wildlife allows us to approach them closely, they still demand their personal space. If we disrespect those boundaries, they let us know.

Birds often signal we’re crowding them when they stop feeding and start staring at us.  Or they may appear aggressive or skittish, perhaps suddenly displaying a broken wing.

They may also depart, only to return and dive-bomb or start circling overhead if we’re too close to their nest.

Ignore a wading bird’s warning signs and you lose your photo subject

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