Everglades National Park Audio Tour

Everglades National Park Audio Tour

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This Everglades National Park podcast has 13 different audio tracks describing the major areas of the Homestead section. Lasting almost an hour, this podcast includes the main stops from the main entrance to Flamingo.

You have 3 ways to listen to the podcast:

1) On your computer, download the free Windows Media Player and click on the different tracks.

2) Right click on each file to save it to your favorite application.

3) Access the podcast for free through iTunes.

Track 1: Introduction to the Everglades (3:06), 2.9 MB

Track 2: Main Entrance to Royal Palm
(5:44), 5.4 MB

Track 3: Royal Palm to Long Pine Key
(4:31), 4.2 MB

Track 4: Long Pine Key to Pinelands
(4:22), 4.1 MB

Track 5: Pinelands to Rock Reef Pass
(6:56), 6.5 MB

Track 6: Rock Reef Pass to Pahayokee
(3:24), 3.2 MB

Track 7: Pahayokee to Mahogany Hammock
(4:32), 4.2 MB

Track 8: Mahogany Hammock to Paurotis Pond (4:27), 4.2 MB

Track 9: Paurotis Pond to West Lake
(5), 4.7 MB

Track 10: West Lake to Flamingo
(6:07), 5.7 MB

Track 11: Shark Valley Visitor Center
(3:06), 2.9 MB

Track 12: Gulf Coast Visitor Center
(3:17), 3.1 MB

Track 13: Everglades Restoration
(4:01), 3.8 MB

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