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Shark Valley Tram Tour

The 2-hour open air Shark Valley tram tour is the most popular features of Everglades National Park. The Shark Valley tram tour follows a 15- mile long hard-surfaced trail that bores directly into the heart of the Glades wilderness.

Beginning on the hour, every hour, from 9 a.m. and almost until closing, the open air tram travels for 2-hours on a hard surfaced road to view birds, gators, deer, turtles and other animals. (Recent wildlife sightings) This is a lot of territory to cover in a short period of time, so prolonged stops for wildlife photography are rarely possible.

At the half-way point the tram stops at a 50-foot high observation tower which provides a wonderfully panoramic look deep into the Glades.

The tram then returns by a different road that parallels the first. With a narrow canal bordering the left side of the tram road, the scenery is totally different from the first half.

The best trips for birding and wildlife viewing are usually the first and last tram rides of the day.

The 2-hour tram rides start at 9 a.m., with the last one at 4 p.m., 2 hours before the park's closing time at 6. The tram is handicapped accessible. Times are always subject to change, so call ahead to verify.

Reservations are recommended for the tram ride December through March, when Shark Valley receives the most visitors. In fact, some years Shark Valley receives more visitors than Homestead due to the popularity of the tram tour excursion.

The tram tour rides are also offered during summer but on a reduced schedule. Call 305/221-8455 or check the web site for current schedule and prices.

Located in the northern-most sector of Everglades National Park, the Shark Valley entrance is a long distance from Homestead. It is located on U.S. Highway 41 (Tamiami Trail,) 25 miles west of the Florida Turnpike (SR 821,) or 39 miles east of SR 29.

If you have a Navigation System, the address to enter depends on the software your device is currently using.  The first address you should work with is:
Shark Valley Loop Road
Miami, FL  33194
(if asked for a cross street, enter US Highway 41)

GPS Units based on a Mapquest-type system should recognize:
36000 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL  33194
(make sure you input 36000 SW 8th St., not 3600)

If you input GPS coordinates, Shark Valley is at:
N 25' 45.385'    W 80' 45.994'

Phone number for the Shark Valley Visitor Office is 305/221-8776.

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