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Snake Bight Trail
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Snake Bight Trail

The Snake Bight Trail is on the park’s main road located 5.4 miles north of Flamingo. Snake Bight refers a channel on Florida Bay, not any extreme danger on the pathway. However, it’s always prudent to be watchful and prepared. 

Occasionally in recent years small numbers of flamingos, Florida’s emblematic bird, have been spotted in Florida Bay at the end of the 1.7 -mile (one way) Snake Bight Trail. Even if the flamingoes are not present, you still have the opportunity for good bird watching at an observation deck overlooking the water.

Wear full mosquito protection, including possibly a head net. Snake Bight Trail could just as easily be called Mosquito Bite Trail.

Walking the trail, at about mile 0.7 you will pass old bridge to an unused trail system. Keep walking straight. At mile 1.4, the Rowdy Bend Trail joins the Snake Bight Trail, coming in from the left.

The 1.7-mile walk ends at an observation platform overlooking Florida Bay. Whenever you're ready to leave, return by the same route. If you join the Rowdy Bend Trail you will come out on the Main Park Road quite a distance from your car. The Rowdy Bend Trail is located 2.7 miles north of Flamingo.

On the other hand, you may enjoy the extended walk. Just remember to go north to reach your vehicle. South takes you to Flamingo.

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