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West Lake Trail
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West Lake Trail

The West Lake Trailhead: Following the Main Park Road to Flamingo, the West Lake Trail is located on the left 30.5 miles from the main park entrance.

What you'll see

The half-mile West Lake Trail is a good introduction to the mangrove forests that grow in brackish lakes like this one and on the coast.

All 4 types of mangroves are found at West Lake. This lake is also a rare opportunity to see the once almost extinct American crocodile

Mosquitoes and mangroves go hand in hand, so take repellent.

Mangroves are a vital part of the Everglades ecosystem. They are nurseries for shrimp, crabs, lobsters, and small fish: the tight mangrove roots make wonderful hiding places to protect the tiny marine life from predators.

Mangroves also serve as important bird rookeries, secure from most land predators. Raccoons, in search of oysters growing on the prop roots, will sometimes dine on birds’ eggs instead.

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