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Loggerhead Turtle
Sweeping Sand With Flipper






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Loggerhead Turtle
Sweeping Sand With Flipper

Clearing of nest area.
Once reaching a suitable spot, a sea turtle will use its fore flippers to scoop out a shallow bowl. The hind flippers simultaneously pile up the sand which will be used later to cover the eggs.

Nesting Loggerhead Turtle ©M. Timothy O'Keefe   www.FloridaWildlifeViewing.com

Sea turtles will sometimes end their nest building and return to the water for any of the following reasons:

a) obstruction of the digging by thick tree roots, rocks or logs which make digging difficult.

b) the sides of the nesting chamber collapsing because the sand is too dry to support the turtle's weight.

c) interruption by other turtles, animals or humans.

d) fouling the pit by urinating in it.

Whatever the cause, a failure to nest is known as a "false crawl."

Note this turtle has a tag.


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