Florida Wildlife Viewing - January Hotspots


Florida Wildlife Viewing
January Hotspots

A prime month for manatees, tromping the Everglades and nesting bald eagles





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January Wildlife & Nature Hotspots

Lake Apopka North Shore in Central Florida near Orlando. Florida's best inland birding hotspot.

Swamp Tromp Through the Everglades Get a real feel for the nature of the Everglades

Everglades National Park at Homestead, Shark Valley and the 10,000 Islands sections are mosquito-free and with their best best wildlife viewing of the year. The Ranger programs are plentiful.

Where to See Manatees You can even view them underwater if you have a thick skin - but a wet suit is better.

Roseate spoonsbills should be in Central Florida.

Nesting Bald Eagles Where to see nesting bald eagles in the state with more nesting bald eagles, except Alaska.

Ding Darling NWR Wildlife Drive is excellent for birding though March.

Merritt Island NWR Black Point Wildlife Drive is good this month for wintering waterfowl..

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