Florida Wildlife and Nature Photography - More Tips for Approaching Wild Animals

Florida Wildlife
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More Tips:
How to Approach Wild Animals






Florida Everglades

More Tips:
How to Approach Wild Animals

Respect private property boundaries, even if the animal you are following does not. Obey posted signs near nesting areas and stay on roads, trails and paths to minimize habitat disturbance.

Don't feed wild animals. Fed animals may abandon their natural, healthy diet, become dependent on human food and lose their fear of humans. Such animals can become aggressive or dangerous or may risk crossing busy roads to venture close to human habitations. Report people who attract wild dolphins or sharks by feeding them. They are breaking the law and you can call the state Wildlife Alert at 1-888-404-FWCC

Young animals are rarely abandoned by their parents. If you find one that looks helpless, there is a good chance that the parents are nearby, waiting until you leave before they return. The longer you stay, the longer the youngster must go without food and the greater the risk that it will be spotted by a predator.

Keep your pets at home. They may frighten or harm the wildlife you are seeking and many sites prohibit them altogether. It is against Florida law for you or your pets to chase, harass or harm wildlife.

Provided by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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