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Major Wildlife & Nature Viewing Events in September

Events at Canaveral National Seashore Amazing how much goes on each month

Events at Everglades National Park   Ranger-led activities at Royal Palm, Flamingo, Shark Valley and the Gulf Islands areas.

Events at Biscayne National Park Ranger-led activities.

Migrating Hawks
Usually concentrated near the Gulf coastline, some birds will be flying as far south as Peru.

Key Deer Only the size of a large dog, Key deer are easy to see from your car.

Birding the Florida Keys
It becomes more interesting with the warmer months, and here's how to see the best spots.

Find some water, some trees or telephone poles or channel markers, and you'll find ospreys.

Night Sounds
With the return of the summer rains, Florida nights take on their distinctive tropical sounds, thanks to the frogs.

Florida Scrub Jays
One of the friendliest song birds around, they're easy to see as long as you have some peanuts and know how to call them.

Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers
Where to find these endangered birds that favor old growth pine trees for their nests.

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