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What's your favorite exotic animal?
From what part of the world?

You'll probably find it at one of Florida's many wildlife parks or zoos, which house animals from every continent including Antarctica.

Whether you're interested exclusively in native wildlife or want to enjoy a taste of an African safari, you'll plenty to keep your camera busy.

Disney's Animal Kingdom is more theme park than a wildlife preserve. However, the gorilla exhibit on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail is excellent and the safari ride enjoyable but much too fast for decent photography. If you have deep pockets, consider the Wild Africa Trek which truly is an adventure. It's offered only several times daily and should be booked well in advance during crowded periods.

Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park: Manatees are easily seen year-round but birds, gators and even a hippo are also popular attractions

Brevard County Zoo in Melbourne has extensive displays of Florida wildlife as well as a good display of African wildlife.

Lion Country Safari in Loxahatchee near Palm Beach deservedly is famous for its drive-through of free roaming African wildlife. Keep your windows up!

St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge near Tallahassee is ranked No. 3 of the Top 10 National Wildlife Refuges to Explore by The Nature Conservancy. In their ranking they say "The salt marsh is one of the most biologically productive habitats on earth, and this Florida refuge is one of the best places to see this profusion of life.

Viewing blinds and a wildlife drive bring you up close to clapper rails, shorebirds, herons and waterfowl. Look closely, and you might be lucky enough to see alligators."  St. Marks is also an excellent place to see migrating monarch butterflies and migrating hawks, both in the fall..