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Hikes of the Flamingo Area

The Flamingo area offers a variety of hikes within 10 miles of the Visitor Center. See map of the Flamingo area hikes.

Flamingo Area Background Learn the history of this former fishing settlement and its role in ending the slaughter of Everglades' birds for their plumage.

Snake Bight Trail Short hike to Florida Bay with the faint possibility of seeing a few wild flamingos. But don't count on it.

Rowdy Bend Trail This path joins the Snake Bight Trail to end at the same viewing platform.

Bear Lake Trail Two possible hikes, one short and one long depending on whether the access road to the trailhead is open.

Eco Pond Trail takes you around a recovering bird rookery.

Bayshore Loop starts behind the Flamingo campground.

Coastal Prairie Trail is a lengthy one-way 7-mile on the coast of Florida Bay. Overnight camping possible with the required backcountry permit. These are available at the Flamingo Visitor Center.

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